About Us

Let us introduce ourselves. Chosen By Jessica is a family business managed by Adam and Jess in the north west of England. After Living and working in Manchester it became time to finally get our own home and like everyone else it had to be perfect!

After finding the right place we began to search the internet for great furniture to fill our new home and make it ours. We wanted lasting quality and stylish design, simple. 

Instead we found endless websites with 10,000s of products of all different qualities and prices, we needed to be very careful just what we were buying. 

After another night scrolling through 100s of sideboards, we decided we could do a better job and so Chosen By Jessica was born. Woohoo!

Our aim, not to fill a website with as many items as we could find, but to personally select the very best of quality, style and value all in one from top.