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The city of Manchester is located in the north west of England in the metropolitan borough of Greater Manchester, a borough surprisingly names after the city.  Manchester has an impressive history from humble beginnings as a small settle near a Roman fort of the river Irwell which runs through the middle of the city.

Originally part of the county of Lancashire, Manchester boomed during the industrial revolution and today is regarded as the world first industrialised city. The city centre as well as areas such as Salford, Stretford and Ashton-Under-Lyne where fill with factories turning out textiles that would make Manchester the centre of the world for this production. The worlds first inner city railway linking Manchester with nearby Liverpool was opened in Manchester, in what is now the since and industry museum that stands in this spot.

Innovation has always been a key trait of Manchester that continues today in the two large universities that are base here, Manchester University and MMU. In this city scientists would split the atom, developed stored computer programmes and most recently produce graphene, a super material.

Manchester is also a cultural hub of the UK. A large part of the BBC is now based in Salford, whilst the sporting seen is dominated By Manchester United and Manchester City, two heavy weights of the footballing world. Another notable area of Manchester’s pedigree is the thriving music scene, where bands such as the Bee Gees, The Smiths and Oasis are from.

At Chosen By Jessica Manchester is one of our local delivery areas. Chosen By Jessica specialises shabby chic furniture, reclaimed wood furniture and vintage style furniture. We also offer an extensive range of home accessories including extra large vintage wall clocks, shabby chic bedside table lamps, chic glass and chrome luxury lamps, baroque mirrors and impressive wall decorations.

Turn your bedroom into a decadent luxury French boudoir with ornate detailed furniture featuring bowed legs and crystal handles. See our silver and mirrored furniture ranges for a truly opulent finished to your room. We also stock more subtly distressed shabby chic furniture is soft pastel colours, such as antiqued white and French greys. These pieces are perfect for creating a cosy cottage feel in your home.

If the rustic country farmhouse look is the style you want in your home, our reclaimed wood furniture is just that. Naturally aged and filled with character and charm these beautiful pieces certainly bring a homely feel to any space. Popular for reclaimed dining tables or reclaimd furniture ranges feature pieces for any room, whether you need a new coffee table, bed, chest of drawers or sideboard its all here, in beautifully crafted upcycled style.