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Shabby Chic

Blackburn is a large town in Lancashire. Close to Preston and Greater Manchester, Blackburn is a former mill town which played an important role in the industrial revolution along with the many smaller towns that surround Blackburn’s borders, such as Darwin and Oswaldtwistle.

Its from one of these towns, Oswaldtwistle, that James Hargreaves, the inventor of the spinning jenny, was born. This innovation made spinning cotton faster and so started the industrial revolution that would lead to this this part of Lancashire and Manchester becoming the centre of the world for textile manufacturing and would forever change the skyline of the surround towns and cities.

Today Blackburn Rovers Football Club is the focus of many of the towns 100,000 + population. A former premier league team playing in iconic blue and white stripes they have suffered a drop though the football league over recent years.

At Chosen By Jessica Blackburn is one of our local delivery areas for the specialist shabby chic and vintage style furniture we offer. Our extensive collections cover a range of trendy and in fashion designs helping you to create the perfect home. Our classic shabby chic furniture has a distinctly French feel, with curved embellishments, bowed legs and ornate carvings. Each of these pieces of furniture are typically finished in soft whites and French greys which are then hand distressed to give them a unique charm and character, ideal for creating an opulent French Boudoir Bedroom or gorgeous shabby chic living room.

At Chosen By Jessica you will also find stunning ranges of mirrored furniture, ideal for adding a sumptuous luxury feel to your home. Or see our reclaimed wood furniture for a rustic feel packed with charm and character that can add either a modern twist with reclaimed coloured boat woods or a rustic country cottage feel. Our furniture ranges cover everything from occasional living room furniture, to office, dining room or bedroom furniture, so you truly can create the perfect look in any room in your home.

We also offer rustic and modern lamps, large feature wall clocks, dramatic wall art and other home accessories to compliment your room and add those truly gorgeous finishing touches.